Multnomah University and Jessup University Announce Transformative Partnership

Portland, Ore., November 7, 2023 — In a historic move driven by unwavering commitment to faith-based education, Multnomah University is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Jessup University. This meaningful collaboration will preserve the rich legacy of Multnomah while propelling both institutions into a more promising and interdependent future. This marks the dawn of a new era for Multnomah, which will now be known as the Multnomah Campus of Jessup University. This transition will begin immediately, with a strong focus on stability and preparing for future growth.

“I’m truly excited about the opportunity for Multnomah and Jessup University to come together and make a positive impact in the Kingdom of God,” celebrates John Jackson, President of Jessup University. “Our institutions have found a Spirit led trust since the beginning, and I believe that by working together and aligning our missions, we will create something transformative. I’m eager to witness the continued favor of God as we work hand in hand with faith.”

Multnomah and Jessup were both established in the 1930s and have remarkably similar histories of equipping students to make positive impacts in their local communities and the world. As the Multnomah Campus of Jessup University, the commitment to the mission remains resolute. Multnomah’s decision to partner with Jessup stems from the need to address ongoing financial challenges and the economic uncertainties plaguing many higher education institutions. The partnership represents a “merger of mission” and will propel the legacies of both Multnomah and Jessup forward while retaining their foundational principles of spiritual formation and academic rigor.

“God’s work has always had many names,” notes Paul Colligan, a member of Multnomah’s Board of Trustees. “Here in Portland, on this campus, and among its community, this work may soon be known by another name. Yet, regardless of the name it bears, this work will continue.”

This collaboration will expand Multnomah’s academic portfolio to include innovative programs in technology, mental health, healthcare and beyond. It will also offer students expanded opportunities for hands-on experience with local employers, meaningful job. 

The partnership between Multnomah University and Jessup University underscores their shared commitment to providing a faith-based education that empowers students to impact the world. Together, they embark on a journey combining the best of tradition and innovation setting the stage for a promising future for the Multnomah community.

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Multnomah University, soon to be the Multnomah Campus of Jessup University, is a distinguished institution with a rich history of providing faith-based education for more than eight decades. Committed to transformational faith and learning, Multnomah has been a cornerstone of the Portland community, equipping students to make a difference in the world.


Jessup University is a respected institution in Northern California dedicated to offering Christ-centered higher education. Known for its commitment to academic excellence and spiritual growth, Jessup University has been a trailblazer in providing students with the knowledge and values they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

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November 7, 2023 | News