Leadership Opportunities

Serve and earn a stipend on one of our four leadership development teams:

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA members advocate for student needs to the faculty and administration, inform the student body about events and issues, and foster the next group of leaders on campus.

Residence Life (RA)

RA’s seek to create a sense of belonging within campus living spaces through intentional conversations, active listening, and thoughtful programming for our diverse residents.

Commuter Assistant (CA)

Commuter Assistants focus their efforts on connecting our commuter students to MU life and resources through effective communication and by delivering high-quality commuter focused events inside and out of the campus commuter lounge called the Den.

Spiritual Life Intern

Spiritual Life Interns help create and lead Spiritual Life opportunities for students on campus. These opportunities include but are not limited to: Weekly Community Chapel, Agora (our student-led chapel), Circles (small groups), Day of Worship and Day of Outreach.

Student Government Student on Stage

Take the lead

Whether you’re advocating for change at Multnomah, helping a new club begin, or creating a new Multnomah tradition, you can make a difference in the student community.

The Student Government Association consists of full-time, traditional undergraduate students. We desire that every voice is heard and that our voices together make a difference in the school and the community. Elections for President and Vice President positions are held in March each year.

Our student government positions include:
  • Student Body President
  • Vice President
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Intercultural Inclusion Co-Chairs (2)
  • Sports & Recreation Chair
  • Activities Co-Chairs
  • Communications Chair

Get Involved

If you are interested in student government, or you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out to the SGA using sga@gtroxpress.net.  The Student Government Association responds to emails weekly. Your voice can make a difference! We would love to hear from you.

Contact SGA via Email

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Connect and Serve

There are 3 paid, year-long positions available on the Commuter Assistants (CA) team. As a CA, in addition to expressing hospitality involving coffee and refreshments, you are empowered to develop intentional relationships with commuter students alongside planning and executing special events and learning sessions. This team is directly overseen by the Community Life Graduate Assistant.

Man with Tablet Speaking with Woman with Laptop

Cultivate and Lead

Resident Assistants are more than just hall monitors. RAs are community builders, servant leaders, and innovators. As an RA, you will facilitate identity development for your residents and you will experience it yourself. With guidance and mentorship, your leadership skills will be practiced and refined, giving you valuable interpersonal and professional skills for your future. You will learn how to build community and create a place of belonging for your residents through intentional conversations, mentoring, and thoughtful programming. Create an environment that helps others thrive during their MU experience as you prepare for your future, join the team, and become a Resident Assistant.

Students helping with move in